Wednesday, January 7, 2015


This might not be a festival. Its just a show celebrating 10 bands coming from 3 different country.
And to hell with liberty when one men/women/kids cant accept diversity. 
This event feature various bands playing various kind of music from Hardcore, Punk, Crust, Grind, Psych Rock, Stoner Rock, Heavy tunes, Fast hardcore etc. 

VENUE : Rumah Api
DATE: 24th January 2015 (Saturday)
TIME: 3pm - Dead 

1. THE NERDS (ITALY)Well the Nerd might be unfamiliar among the kids in this region but this wicked Inferno Punk Rock band from Italy have a long great history of great releases, split with various good bands including Rupture (Australia nihilist fucking punk), Tunnel Rat etc. Straight up Rock N Roll punk similar to Annihilation Times, Runammucks, Motorhead or The Stooges raw power era.

2. Alzheimer Grind (Bandung, Indonesia)This Duo Grind band from Bandung hold no frill. A lo-fi, intense, noise grind stuff.

3. Sigmun (Bandung, Indonesia)A killer Psych Rock Bandung that successfully make their own path with a good and honest music. Been invited to the SXSW festival 2014 in Austin, TX but had to declined the invitation due to several internal problem. Played once in Rumah Api and they are making a good come back!

4. Heast (Jakarta, Indonesia)Under the influence of Sigmun, Heast rose with a heat of making a 70s style psych rock music. Think bands like Quest For Fire or Ancestor. They come out with a debut CDep called THE WANDERER release under Dermaga Records.

5. KAITZR (Bandung, Indonesia)Orange Cliff new artist, Kaitzr. Each songs clocking in 15 minutes bring a sonic drone, psychedelic jam. Heavy riff, some element of funk, strong structure, dark and beautiful at the same time.

6. Matiasu (Jakarta, Indonesia)Jakarta loud monster with heavy riff and loud sound. This band consist of two person, one in Guitar/Vox and one in drum. Heavy influence with such madness of Weedeater or Church Of Misery.

7. BENZOATE (Malaysia)Benzoate were perhaps the best 2014 act when u talking about good hardcore punk. They are intense and tight. Bring back the UK 82, with a slint of melodic hardcore. Good band!

8. OBLIGASI (Malaysia)New Powerviolence band from Seremban. You cant go wrong with this energetic young bands that still PLAY FAST (OR DIE!!).

9. JALAN SEHALA (Malaysia)Jalan Sehala still the best recent fast hardcore band in the local scene. A brand of delicious 80s US HC style with trashy feeling.

10. SPEEDWITCHES (Malaysia) Debut performence from this Psych Rock band from Kuala Lumpur. Taking Hawkwind, Earthless and some other jam band hero as their influence, this band are making their path to a good future.

See ya there!

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